Wednesday, 22 February 2017

divvee Executive Announcements In English 2 22 17 Darren and Lance

divvee Executive Announcements In English 2 22 17 Darren and Lance

Q: When are we powering down to upgrade the system?

A: Starting at noon today, February 22nd, we will power down the systems for 24-48 hours. This means you cannot log into the Divvee Mobile App or the Divvee Web Back Office.

Q: When do we get paid commissions?

A: For countries where Divvee holds legal status, commissions will be paid on or around March 24th. Commissions paid at this time will be for all work done during the month of February.

Q: How do we get paid commissions?

A: Starting Saturday, February 25th, a new link will be active in the affiliate web back office. All affiliates need to fill out their KYC (Know Your Customer) information. Only those who have completed this process will be able to receive commissions. GET THIS DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Q: How much will I get in commissions?

A: Please remember that this is our first month running commissions through our compensation plan. We do not know exact numbers yet. Also, due to a lot of issues during the month of February, including emulators, overwatching and affiliates trying to trick the system, our Ad Partners are paying a lot less than we had planned. We hope that commissions will still be substantial but we will not know until March.

Q: What about POINTS?

A: At this time, our current Ad Partners are not allowing Divvee to pay points. We are tracking all of your actions and are working with our partners to create a solution to compensate you for your work and partnership with Divvee. Until this has been resolved, Divvee will not be releasing points in direct correlation with actions.

Q: When will the Mobile App work perfectly?

A: Building the Divvee Mobile Platform will always be a work in progress. We are working daily to update and fix current issues, as well as add to the current experience. We thank you for reporting your issues and will continue to improve the Divvee Mobile App.

Q: What about enrollment issues?

A: The Divvee Customer Service Team, along with our technology team, is working tirelessly to fix all of the enrollment issues. We thank you for your patience with this process. As part of this process, Divvee needs to ensure that enrollment changes/fixes are correct and not fraudulent. This process to protect both you and the entire Divvee community takes time. We will complete this as soon as possible.

Q: When will the iOS app be available?

A: Due to issues working with Apple, we do not have a date for this release. If you would like to actively participate in Divvee at this time and don’t have an Android device, we suggest borrowing or buying one.

Q: Is the Redemption Center working?

A: Yes, the Redemption Center is working. However, no points have been distributed so nothing can be purchased at this time.

Q: When will we have more Rank & Share actions to do?

A: The Divvee Business Development team has been working hard to create lasting partnerships with companies that can provide more inventory. These new partnerships will provide new types of actions including, promotional offers, surveys, giveaways, reviews, product testing, and much more.

Q: When will enrollments be turned back on?

A: The new enrollment system will go live this Saturday, February 25th. Divvee will release a video on Friday, February 24th, showing the new enrollment system. This new system is completed only through the mobile app so you will need an android device to invite others and to enroll.

Q: What are Coins?

A: Coins are a virtual currency only usable in the Divvee Mobile app for in-app upgrades and purchases. Coins do not and can not purchase or be redeemed for anything outside of the mobile app. Coins can not be used in the Redemption Center.

In addition to the Q&A, we have two exciting announcements:

1. Travel Portal

We are very excited to announce a new added benefit to your current Divvee Membership. Starting March 1st, our new partnership with the top travel portal will go live. There is no added cost to access this portal. Moving forward, we hope to continue to add more benefits.

2. 4-Day “Break The System Challenge”

Enrollments will be back on February 25th. To make this exciting, we’ll be running a 4-day promotion. For every full enrollment completed in the month of February, Divvee will split $10.00 into the compensation plan. This means that for each affiliate you enroll during the month of February, you receive $1.00 and each level above you receives $1.00. To receive these commissions on enrollments done by your team, you must qualify. So get your 10 personal enrollments done first.

divvee Executive Announcements In English 2 22 17 Darren and Lance

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