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Divvee Social Executive Update 2 24 17

Divvee Social Executive Update 2 24 17

Welcome Divvee Family and this Lance and Kinsey, and we're excited to be here.  We're about to turn on the enrolment’s tomorrow!   With that we wanted to share good news we want to clarify some of the things that were said earlier so with that - right off the bat, I just want you to know it is a “Free app download to become a member of Divvee”.

We do not “charge” for enrolments, we do not “pay out” on enrolments, and we are turning that on tomorrow and that’s outstanding.  And with that - you'll be able to rank and share and Kinsey is going to be in charge of showing you, and telling you ways that rank and share is going to continue to improve over time.

 Kinsey – The Rank and share world is about to change and it's all exciting and wonderful.  What used to be the ability to earn by simply watching videos has totally changed.

We are bringing you more ways to earn and they’re endless.  For example - did you know if you could earn by a Sweepstakes?  Did you know that you could earn by taking a Survey!  Exciting right!?  Yeah that’s awesome.

The awesome part is,  the pay-outs attached and the Commissions we’re going to be able to pay - are potentially much higher in addition - we are going to be able to provide points for a lot of these actions, so the rank and share world is changing and the potential is huge! So it’s exciting!

So Kinsey, if you're going out bringing up new clients new business partners to work, with how important is that we have a larger Divvee family that are footprints bigger that we have more influencers out there?

So that’s key! - the bigger we are the more opportunity will come our way companies will see us and they’ll see that we’re something awesome to be a part of, and they'll come to us we’ll have more opportunities, and we’ll have more ways to earn.  The pay-outs will increase so growing the affiliates growing Divvee is key!

Okay so turning this on tomorrow it’s your job tell Divvee – share Divvee with the world get it out there - it makes it easier for all of us.

I’m going to clarify when you turn this on tomorrow what you're going to find it we're going to go to the Google store we're not available on apple yet if you can be able to do it through the google play store, and download the Divvee app for free!

Now if you want to unlock all of the benefits of the app, if you want to unlock travel – let me start with travel.  The travel portal this is a world-class wholesale travel portal available to you!

Typically it is a company's charging monthly membership to join the travel portal hundreds of dollars a month sometimes.  You can buy it through timeshare - costing thousands of dollars to join.

We have an annual membership fee at fifty dollars to upgrade that gives you access to our wholesale travel portal - that's amazing!

On top of that, if you upgrade your app, you're going to be able to build your team you're going to be able to send invites through the app to allow other people to join Divvee - you can't do that unless you’ve upgraded your app, so that’s another very valuable part of joining and upgrade for fifty dollars annually.

With that as well - as you're going to get other benefits that we're going to provide, we're in the process of adding a shopping network available through the Divvee app - and we will continue to provide benefits and value to you - so this is a four-day promotion.

We're trying to break all of our new technology we understand our goal is to keep it up – to keep it running but we understand we have a whole new technology platform releasing tomorrow, and there could be bugs with it!

And so - with that - we're trying to get as many people in over the next four days to figure out what our weak points are - out to fix them and to be able to roll this out seamlessly around the world.

So realize if there's any stopping or breakage we thought that might be possible we want you to help us find that and so we offered a promotion for these four days.

This promotion is $10 promotion is not available around the world as it is available in countries that we’re legal to pay our influencers in right now.  Right now, that is the US and Columbia currently.

This promotion is really ten dollars for the fifty-dollar upgrade, and it will be paid out in the country that we’re legal in.

So we are so excited to turn on the app tomorrow you need to get in you need to download the app you should upgrade the act of benefits are amazing, and the more people that we get upgrading the app in your area in your country, it forces us to open and get that country legal first you want to be the next country legal out there? -  Get thousands of people to upgrade to the divvee pro app!

We are so excited it’s coming tomorrow(Saturday) welcome Divvee family let's make it happen.

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