Sunday, 12 February 2017

Divvee Social New Presentation 2017

Divvee Social New Presentation 2017

In 2016 the average person spent four and a half hours per day on their cellphones. How would you like to convert 15 minutes of that screen time into cash?  

Remember when you used to watch televisions and you had to actually watch the commercials? 

Advertisers are hardly making any money on Radio or TV ads - Why? Because everybody is on their cell phones. 

Over 600 Billion dollars was spent on marketing and advertising in 2015 worldwide, and mobilization is the new marketing game changer. has tapped into the fastest growing most aggressive marketing platform in the world. 

When the internet was invented, Google and a bunch of other advertising companies (FaceBook and YouTube) changed the advertising space forever. 

Google used to get a $1.50 for a click through ad, and today their only getting 2.8 cents per click through. So where are the advertising dollars going? Everything is going Mobile.

Clash of Clans is in the top 100 apps and has spent $318 million in a MONTH for people downloading apps as advertising costs. Last month the advertising costs as a whole was $3.8 Billion Dollars!

That's Billion with a 'B' 

So do you think there is enough money to go around? - Absolutely! 
How it works is simple!

Everyday - Divvee will provide up to 20 apps to download and rank.
this will take about 15 - 20 minutes a day. 

For every app you download you can earn points that you can redeem for places like Walmart and Amazon and many different restaurants. 

You may also use your points for things such as cell phones - cell phone plans, and exciting trips.

Now let's say you want to share Divvee with a friend, and they want to download 20 apps a day just like you, they will earn the points and you will earn up to $0.25 for every MAPS which stands for 

Service they rank and share.

That's $150 a month in addition to your points.
Let's take it a step further - Let's say they know 10 people and they download the 20 apps a day, you're now earning up to $1500 a month in addition to your points.

Sounds too good to be true? - Well tell that to that to Facebook - they'll laugh at you!

62% of the revenue Facebook makes is made exactly the same way you're going to be making money with Divvee.

Companies are paying billions of dollars for social media and marketing and mobilization. Don't let the piece of the biggest marketing pie in the world pass you by!

Get back to me (Dennis Cole) after you've watched this video and be a part of Divvee UP!!!
Divvee Social New Presentation 2017

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