Friday, 24 February 2017

Team Divvee Social Special Promo UPDATE

Team Divvee Social Special Promo UPDATE


#1, current influencers that already have the Divvee'll simply update your app in your android Play Store.
We will be sending out another update giving explicit instructions on how to enroll new influencing affiliate members. Be sure to have your Divvee affiliate ID # and username ready.

Once your new affiliate members download and install the new divvee app from their Android Playstore, they can sign up for free or pay the $50 affiliate subscription right to google.

As for free members, they will be able to R&S and earn points.
The paid Affiliate members will earn points and commissions if qualified.
This all starts Saturday the 25th. International will be opening at the same time.
They will earn points if they're a free member or both if they're an affiliate member (Points & Commissions).

If their country isn’t legal licensed yet, The points and commissions will be banked and held in reserve until their country becomes legally active.

As of right now the iOS Apple app is not coming out... And to be frank, Apple is a pain in the butt, I know a lot of you guys love apple but they're very nit picky, and we are dealing with the same exact reason why Home Depot and Amazon developed their own platforms... so we are in the process of developing a divvee web-based platform that's similar to what Home-depot and Amazon had to do so that ALL apple iOS users will be able to R&S as well.

If you don't have an Android go to Walmart and pick up a cheap device.
The company is being paid 20% from our ad networks.
Once we have 1 million members we will become our own ad network then the ad-agencies will pay us 100% of the advertising commissions.

And all of that gets put into the payment system that's paid to us.

The money Divvee Social pays out where is it coming from???

Team Divvee Social Special Promo UPDATE Saturday, we will be able to put our payment information into your back office so they can pay us. Payment s for February will be paid out on March 24th.

Relationships : Disney spends 17 Billion a year on entertainment advertising .

The CEO of Disney has just committed (this week) to give Divvee 10% of there advertising budget.
That’s 1.7 Billion just from just 1 company. Everyone in the company that works for the company
gets paid the same way we do. The commission payment plan starts with Richard and Troy
and all the money corporate earns all comes from the same rank and share commissions we earn.
We are all paid the same way,


starting Saturday the 25th thru Tuesday the 28th, corporate is running a special promotion.

They will be taking $10 of the $50 subscription fees and pay them out in your 10 tier TBS . so that means everyone that brings in a new affiliate during that time if you are qualified You will be earning
an extra dollar for a total of 10 tiers.
They are doing this special promo to help us make a little bit more money and help motivate us to get to that 1 million member mark.

So let's break the system, and hit it hard.

Team Divvee Social Special Promo UPDATE


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