Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Perfect Video Solution for Your Video Marketing.

Here is a video for all marketers online. This video touches on the absolute basics of any marketing company that strives to obtain more clients - customers - and ultimately Sales!

The plan of the video is to set out the basic principle and goal for any website owner in the online marketing arena. To gain new clients or customers to visit your capture page or landing pages. To build a team of fellow marketers, although not always essential, it can make a significant difference to your bottom line, in terms of future growth and commission levels desired.

The call to action is for the viewer of the 50 second video to leave their contact details in request for further information relating to whatever your company product or service. - And for the follow up to continue after the contact information has been received by you!

The end domain could be anything you want, either an official website domain, or your own personal domain. Also if you have a prefered method of communication on social media, you can use that instead or use both (Domain and Social Link - FaceBook - Twitter etc)

The end splash screen I used was for MY website - But, you could use a company or brand page or logo, as long as you have permission to use it - I can insert it to suit your needs. Please order as soon as possible and allow 24 hours for delivery of your very own professionally created video.

Please note the price for this type of video with Top end Graphics and Animation with Audio would normally cost nearly £200 minimum.

However this video with your personal customised links and possible end branding screen, will cost just £45 for the completed file, rendered in 1080p.

Please fill your customised details from this order form and we can arrange further details required to complete the order.

If you want perhaps two different companies and Domain details than a second customised video will £65 for 2 Videos.

That's a saving of £335 on those 2 videos.

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