Sunday, 5 March 2017

Divvee Social Tutorial Install and Trouble Shooting Video

Hello and welcome to this short divvy social app install tutorial and troubleshooting video.

Before you received your invite code or send out your invite, some information that you need to share with the person you're inviting or you need to know before you click on your invite code.

The invite code is for “Android devices only” make sure the person you're sending this to knows this!  The link cannot be clicked on or used with any of the following;

  • No PC 
  • No software emulator 
  • No laptop 
  • No blackberry 
  • No iPhone 
  • No iPad

If you click on the link or the person you sent on clicks the link it could corrupt the link and the link may not work and may invalidate the invite code - and you may need to request or send out a new invite code.

Once you send out the invite code, and you receive the invite code for example in your email, you will see a title ‘You've been invited to divvy’ click on that email or text messages and open it up then click on your invite code.

This will take you to the google play store, and then you'll click on the green install button. Once the app is loaded, you will then see a ‘Continue’ button, click on that - this should take you to an open button possibly if it does - click on open then it should take you to this screen please notice this screen says ‘register with Divvee’ if it does simply click on the register with Divvee button.

If it does not and it takes you to a login screen and you see “this screen” close the app go back to your invite code weather is a text message or email make sure the app is closed.

Re-click on the ‘invite link’ and it should take you back to this! Once you get into that, click invite and you see this screen complete the registration info.

Make sure to check the two boxes then double check your username - your email - and all pertinent information on the registration screen before moving forward.

{Most important write down your password in a place location you remember your password is case-sensitive remember the casing you created for your password}  

Then click ‘Sign Up’.

This should take you to ‘this screen’ that says ‘log in’ successful.

Then you can then log in using your username and the password. You should have written down - you should now see this string and now you will have two options

Option 1:  You can start your rank and share activities.

Option 2:  You can upgrade to a paid affiliate if you wish to start your ranking share.

Simply click on the number which should be at this time 0.

Any other issues with rank and share out of inventory any other issues that you do not understand what's going on raking share?

Please get with your team or sponsor that invited you into Divvee social. This short video just covers your signup process now if you wish to upgrade and to become a paid affiliate?

You simply click on the bar from the ‘login screen’ with the two options at the top.  You will see ‘Upgrade account’ - click on the word ‘Upgrade account’ you will then get this pop up and you will need to click on “Buy coins”.

You will then see this screen that says by 51,000 coins for $49.95c

Click on the buy coins for $49.95c You will then be taken to a payment processor within the Google App Store - and you will need to pay using whatever payment processor you have set up in the Google App Store whether it is PayPal,  Google Pay credit card - what ever,

Here's a bug fix if you when you after you purchase your coins when you log back in and you do not see the four icons that you've seen on this screen you have not completed the upgrade.

If you look at the bottom right-hand corner where you see coins if you see fifty thousand plus points you have not completed fully the upgrade option, what you need to do is click on the ‘White Arrow’

Log out of the app Log back in - and look for the blue upgrade option bar at the top of the app.

For those that have upgraded to paid affiliate and wish to invite someone into divvy social and earn from the rank and share activities, you need to be at this screen shown here, then you will click on the add person icon you see but it's very important first the person you are about to invite must be in your device's ‘Contact List’ prior to you sending out and clicking this button.

After you have ensured the person you are about to invite is in the devices ‘contact list’ click on that icon then you click on the person you're about to invite from your ‘contact list’ once you have done that, it will be taken to a screen shown here.

Make sure the person's name where you see test name is correct?

Make sure their contact information is correct then click on the invite box. It will cost you 10 points from your coin inventory that we previously showed you, you should have about a thousand points if this is your first invite code you are sending out - then choose the best invite method to send them whether ‘email’ or ‘text message’.

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