Thursday, 2 March 2017

Divveee Social update Lance Conrad VP of Affiliate Support

Divveee Social update Lance Conrad VP of Affiliate Support.

Thank you for joining us on the call tonight to learn more about Divvee and just what has been going on with the company since we launched, and some of the incredibly exciting things that have been happening, and also just how exciting everything has been going on with all you guys online and on Facebook.

It’s my great pleasure and real honor to introduce some of the people on the Divvee call tonight. So the important thing is to take notes and have a pen and paper, and really learn about what’s going on online, and where the online market is truly heading.

The great thing you can 100% be a part of that, and anyone can, so listen carefully and get excited, and with that – listen and take action.

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  1. Listen carefully to the Industry and Marketing Leaders in the Live call.
    You need to recognize the honesty and transparency within this call.


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