Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to ask questions on FaceBook about Divvee Social

How to ask questions on FaceBook about Divvee Social
Hi guys I just wanted to give you a quick tutorial on the get Social Facebook page on How to ask questions on FaceBook about Divvee Social. 

Very simple right here where it says - search this group clicking there you can actually ask the question about let's say back office, and it will pull anything to do with the back office right there. 

Otherwise you can come back up here and click in here and say I'm going to ask a question on “what about points within divvee” and now it's going to talk about the point and all the different questions that have asked about that. 

What if it's asking about coins? Then you put that in there and up comes all the different people have asked about coins, you can read the comments. And I'll tell you it's a lot faster going this route to get your questions answered you don't have to type a keyword, you can actually type in your question and then hit Search and see if somebody's asked that same question. 

Because I guarantee you somebody on this page has actually asked the same question - Anyway, hopefully this helps? We are going to do many more of these to teach you different things, and help you along the way anyway have a great night.

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