Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bart Merrell Why Divvee Social Why Now April 11, 2017

All the Important Info on Divvee Social found here, enrollment links & more info continue reading...

Divvee Social is a NEW Membership Social Media which wants to pay you for your options!

Divvee Social have combined Social Media, Advertising and the Internet in a platform that can change ANYONE'S life.

Divvee Social will be fully launching Worldwide very soon. Three excluded exceptions to this are China, Korea and India; due to country regulations.

Two types of membership will be available.

1. Free membership which can earn points for gifts and gift cards, but may not earn money.

2. Independent Affiliate Influencer subscription membership which can earn points for gifts and gift cards AND can earn commissions.

Subscription membership is $50 or 750 Divvee Points or Divvee Coins ($49.99 bundle) to join and the same yearly. No monthly fees.


Pre-ENROLL EARLY to have a team pre-committed to earn more faster.

No monthly fees.


These videos will explain how you can earn points, coins and commissions with this unique NEW INDUSTRY of Rank and Share of MAPS (mobile, applications, products or services). Each activity you choose to complete earns you points and coins; When others you refer do the same you earn commissions (per your countries regulations and laws).

All by using the internet and a smartphone or tablet.

To stay current with our Social Mobile Independent Affiliates group posts.

Please copy your enroller link when you enroll as an influencer and send it to me..via text, FB messenger, or email so I can add you to our special TEAM groups and list you here ( if you desire).

This site may not process the hyperlink, you may need to copy and paste it to your browser.

If the link does not connect we have not launched yet and the website is being updated.

Open enrollments will be activated soon, be ready. Build your teams early.


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