Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Divvee Social Update with Lance Conrad 03/04/2017

Divvee Social Update with Lance Conrad 03/04/2017

Hey guys Lance Conrad here with a quick update, I know people are dying for information. We've been in a culture where we give you updates all the time, and I know MOST of the questions you have are like dates, you know when are enrolments going to be turned back on? When is they're going to be inventory for rank and share? When this? When that?

And in the past we've always given you dates - because you asked for them much and you're so eager you're so excited - then we miss those dates and we look foolish and you look foolish and it makes us all look bad so I want to tell you; Man There some exciting things coming down the pike - We are getting very close, enrolments are close, rank and shares getting close, some really cool benefits are close, and MOST of Which You Have not heard or haven’t heard much about yet.

Divvee and the future of Divvee is exciting, and so until I know the dates officially, I do not want to come out and say “now” and “then” but Yes!

We're getting very close - our teams are working extremely hard, our business development team is outstanding the tests have gone way better than expected and Divvee 2.0 is coming soon.

Oh we have a new Divvee news page that we’re going to be directing you to for future content and updates and one place for all things Divvee, so you don’t have to go search different pages and go to Facebook and all that, and so I'll be messaging to you soon through our new Divvee news page all about our opening of enrolments, opening of Rank & Share, and opening of benefits and as soon as I have I'll release this new announcement and It Is Exciting.

I believe it's bigger and better than anything you imagined to this date, and I'm just excited that we're close to going live again and I believe it'll be a huge kick off coming soon Stay Tuned, Keep Your Head Up 2.0 is coming soon to you.

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